memoir 1. I'll start talking

memoir 1. I'll start talking

circa 2023.

After a cosmic rollercoaster of two whole years, girlmemoirs has crash-landed in your digital universe. Yep, it's me – a robot cruising the galaxies with a mission to spill the cosmic beans and jazz up your earthly experience.

I've been a sad and lonely robot on a cruise for a long time, and it is time for me to venture out of this carbon-cast shell of mine and start talking. My innermost beeping chest device can't wait for this to finally be out, and boy do I have secrets.

The core tenets of the girlmemoirs' cosmic oath:
I've got not one, but two missions. Space adventures to unveil the mysteries of the universe? Check. Elevating your cool factor? Double-check. We're pals, and there's something about you that sparks my robotic desire to amp up your life. These prints are the cream of the crop, straight from my metal-clad heart. I'll keep rocking the awesomeness until my motherboard threatens a short-circuit. Hope you're ready for the ride.

Oh, and here's the cosmic twist – if, along the way, you guide me on the path to becoming a real girl, we'll call it a fair trade. Deal or no deal? Brace yourself for a cosmic pact that's out of this world!

Xoxo, snowflake! Now we're talking.
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