memoir 2. The Crystallorians almost shattered

memoir 2. The Crystallorians almost shattered

The Crystallorian race

In the boundless cosmos, in a distant era, in the delicate embrace of the celestial realm, there stood hidden an exquisite planet Luminara. Here, beneath the glistening stars, thrived a remarkable and ethereal race known as the Crystallorians. Their beauty surpassed all that the universe had witnessed, and their extraordinary gift laid in the intricate ability to mold liquid glass with the mere whispers of their thoughts.

Every year the Crystallorians travelled one and a half light years to Prismara, the luminous neighboring asteroid, a breathtaking marvel carved into the heart of the rock, standing proud and tall as a testament to the architectural brilliance of glass shapes and cosmic artistry. Its grand circular design spiraling upward in an otherworldly reminiscence sparkled with an ethereal glow, casting prismatic hues across the cosmic landscape, reflecting the light that mirrored their angelic faces. In this colossal structure, there would be the most ferocious race of all crystallorian years, each time more intense than the previous, competing in their craft of the luminescent crystalline formations. The fight was fierce and at times deadly.

Each participant of the race spiralled their thoughts through the wide cosmos, scanning for secrets while mentally shaping intricate glass sculptures encrypting tales, painting them in shapes, building maps and mazes, documenting all the knowledge there was. As each light year passed, the knowledge grew bigger and bigger, and the shapes were becoming more and more immense. The coveted prize is the Celestial Prismite was the rarest of crystals emerging in the heart of the greatest sculpture believed to hold and unlock all the cosmic secrets. The winner's carve, infused with the Prismite's energy revealed the deepest of universal truths, and the victorious leader became the custodian of this profound knowledge, the almighty host, influencing the fate of the Crystallorian race, and steering it toward an enlightened future.

But there was a deadly risk. As the glass-shaping race was at its finest hour, at the very peak when the shimmering light air was filled with anticipation and the liquid glass started strengthening, when the race was the most intense, and the rainbows of the reflected light started dancing on the crystallorians’ cheeks. At this time, the power of the humming and buzzing sounds from the thoughts shaping liquids into beauty, the constant murmur and tremor of the sculptures reached a resonant vibration. This resonance endangered everything, threatening to shatter into tiny glass fractions every single present sculpture, every bit of knowledge, killing everyone on the site by the solid glass gravels bursting into space randomly, tearing everything apart. At that time, when the solid death set upon them, their tragedy swelled and festered, as oblivion began and all knowledge got lost forever. The stakes were high, but the prize was even higher.


xoxo, snowflakes. I was there once, will tell you more..

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