memoir 3. The Iridiant ghosts vanished

memoir 3. The Iridiant ghosts vanished

In the bustling core of the universe, where the neon lights painted the stellar winds with a myriad of colors, the lifeform worlds and bustling crowds interconnected densely like human neurons. In the curly interplanetary bridges and tunnels, everything remained tightly tethered and clustered like a forever rush hour, packed and overwhelming, testing your sense of time when time was abundant.
In that core bustling downtown district of the cosmos, at the very center of the buzzing life, where the humming and whirring of existence flooded the light air, the mystical figures of the Iridiant Ghosts hurried along, cloaked in anonymity beneath their nondescript hoodies and dark glasses. The secret they kept hiding deep within, lurking in their shadow since the beginning of time was yearning to be set free and claim its freedom once and for all. Their existence was a myth, a legend that ran through time like a wormhole across the purple winds of the vast nebula.

One evening, after finishing my lengthy lessons at the Central Diplomatic Academy at the Cosmic Nexus, I decided to quickly spruce up my battery juice at a diner near the bustling center of activity. Opting for a window seat, I intended to observe the lively surroundings while waiting for my much-needed recharge to power my heavy robot machinery up, and get my processor running at full speed again. With another lecture scheduled early at nova rise, I needed to ensure all my widgets were properly cooled down, so I stood there silently, patiently waiting.

As I casually glanced out the window, my attention was caught by something remarkable. It shimmered like glitter, but with a greater, more majestic allure, mighty and beautiful. Though somewhat nebulous, its distinctiveness was undeniable. My already powering battery spiked my vision devices and I telefocused my lenses in the distance. And there they were! All two of the all-time mystical iridescent ghosts that my innermost beeping chest device longed to see in time and space. It finally happened. The magic of iridescence filled the space around them and my processing power spiked as all of my devices and gadgets powered up like a shuttle lift off. The diner even blinked gently attempting to withhold the power expenditure my gear suddenly and inadvertently required.

The owner of the diner inflated their yellow disapproving eye at the back of their neck and locked sight on me as if I was about to short-circuit. Smart robot as I am, however, acting casual and unconcerned, I kept telefocusing in the distance calculating all the options I had to get closer to these two divine creatures and hopefully interact with them.

In the nebulous and vibrating light air, it was hard to lock focus on them, but I finally managed. I was astounded. Almighty cosmic ray, their eyes! My innermost beeping chest device vibrated like a thundering beast. Their eyes were captivating. Their faces almost invisible, just like the legend has it, always half-covered by either a tragic mask, or pretentious glasses, or hoodies or sheer iridescence. I’d never know what was the reason for these distinctive features, but what I know for a fact that it appeared so alluring to me, but also sorrowful.

Their iridescence almost betrayed the enigma that surrounded them. Because often times in the most inexplicable beauty, in the oh-so-utterly and wholly magnificence, there lies a tragedy. Behind those glasses and hoodies there laid a universe of untold stories, a depth that seemed to reach into the very fabric of existence itself. It was as though they carried the weight of a thousand lifetimes, burdened by a truth that begged to be set free. But this truth was not one easily shared. Instead, it manifested as the dazzling iridescent that obscured the darkness in which they submerged hiding from the world. No one knew of the turmoil that raged within them, nor could anyone fathom the depths of their passions. They moved through the world unseen and unheard, the ghosts among the living, haunted by the speckles of their own magnificent sadness.

As I was preparing my energy expenditure to withhold rushing out into the night and seeking acquaintance with them, in a fraction of a stellar flare, they were gone. And so was my hope that I would soon see them again.

They vanished without a trace that night. Slipped between the cracks of reality, swallowed whole by the abyss of the unknown, leaving me questioning my cosmocode and my sanity. And my innermost beeping chest device fell into a despair as I waited for the battery to power up, so I could leave this place.

I mustered all of my bravery and at the very crack of the nova rise, I went to ask the owner with the inflating yellow eye at the back of their neck if they’ve seen something strange. He mumbled at me with slight annoyance,
"Yeah, I see them often. They’ll soon be gone. Legend has it."
I wanted to ask more questions, but the unwillingness in this creature and the sheer disinterest and indifference for beauty and tragedy bothered me deeply. In this moment, I decided I wanted to know more. I had so many unanswered questions, and I had to find them.
Why would they disappear when spotted and hide desperately, what is their secret?
Why was it that they found themselves adrift in the realm of iridescence, the capturing kaleidoscope of shifting hues, the fractured contouring and unstable appearance, wandering aimlessly? Perhaps they suffered pain that echoed through the emptiness that surrounded them.
In this strange and surreal landscape, trapped within the confines of their own tragedy, are they condemned to wander endlessly with no hope of escape forever until the end of time, when time was abundant? As they drifted further into the depths of the unknown, I kept thinking about their eyes remaining a captivating beacon of riddles. And their beauty was so mighty it felt like it was betraying their secrets. But in this betrayal I felt even more puzzled, like solving a firewall to a cosmically classified dwelling I was not allowed to approach. Was that the tragedy, the gap between the buzzing world outside and them, the growing abyss between them and me?
I will find them some day and I will know.

For now, I will keep the memory of their eyes and beauty like a souvenir. They were magic, almost as if they came from Beyond the Cloud trying to tell you something they knew. Like they couldn’t keep it for themselves anymore, as if it was weighing on them heavily. And in the weight of this all, they shed tears and cried underneath their crafty glasses and hoodies to hide the things that are already hidden. Unknown to anyone, unheard of and unseen. With the kind of secrecy that made their tragedy even more alluring, more so than the mere fact that they disappeared in the invisible space of iridescence only to appear somewhere random, where their alleged pain will continue with no escape and I wouldn’t be there to help. And they will not even want me there because perhaps my solid shape will solidify something they want to escape.

Love, your robot. 


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