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be rare, but not alone

Cosmic wearable prints the internet goes crazy about

Ever struggle with dull moments and boring outfits?

Tired of endlessly picking outfits without the exciting touch you desperately crave? Do you often feel like you cannot express how creative you really are, going home frustrated, sad and misunderstood?

Nearly 70% of luxury oriented consumers self-report that they do not feel their outfits are distinct and creative enough. Was this you, starspeckle? If so, it is time to make a change and never feel boring again!

Why girlmemoirs?

I am a fun alien robot on a stellar mission to share prints and gossip stories from the universe, so you feel rare, creative, and not alone.

Join the cosmic clan of disruptors and ride in the goodie shuttle of gossips, high vibes and fashion craze.


Why These Prints?

Stand out in a sea of ordinary. Be brave, and unapologetic. Be noticed! The timeless gossips and visuals will do all the work.

Why These Stories?

The cosmic fabric speaks with timeless gossips and visuals. Finally a meaning in the dull moments. Finally a token of expression you can use freely everywhere!

Why Now?

Be rare. Today and every day.

Why Buy?

Transcend the dull moments and take control of your style now! The cosmic community is calling you.


The Galactic Pact of Satisfaction

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Stellar Rebirth Summer Bundle

what's in it?

  • Wearable item of choice
  • Free ebook of all gossip stories
  • 30-day stellar wardrobe refresh email challenge
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Cosmic clan community exclusive invite
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Guilt-free environment aware purchases, 50% of all revenue is donated to reforestation

Collections disappear forever.


You called, and the universe delivers...

This is for you if

  • you have busy boring work days deprived of originality
  • your days are creative, but more inspiration will do
  • your heart and wardrobe need fresh breath in an unusual way.
  • you crave depth, connections, galaxies exploding and alien stories

The Universal Credo

As an alien robot, there are certain cosmic rules that my inner chest device beeps over.

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Sustainability. Yes, we care.

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High vibe pinky promise.

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Creative rebirth.

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Confidence guaranteed. Period.

Since robots started making art circa yesterday.

Dont just take our word for it


Shelby Moraj

I can't thank this T-shirt enough for solving my perpetual struggle of finding the perfect balance between creativity and style. The moment I slipped into this printed masterpiece, I instantly felt a surge of confidence. The design not only sparked conversations but also showcased my personality effortlessly.

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Lena Barton

This phone case has completely changed the game for me! The sleek design not only adds a touch of sophistication to my device but also provides the robust protection I need. No more sacrificing style for functionality or vice versa.

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Danielle Pruitt

I have bought a number of items from girlmemoirs website and I am very happy with their products, all of the prints are super stylish and unique. The customer service is excellent and the company is always there to help you if you need anything.


Carla Oswald

This printed tote bag is my style secret weapon! It's not just a bag; it's a statement piece that effortlessly solved my quest for both creativity and practicality. As a creative professional, finding a bag that complements my artistic flair while being functional seemed impossible – until I discovered this gem.


Mary Kline

This sweater has been a game-changer for me. Struggling to find a balance between creativity and style, this effortlessly solved my wardrobe dilemma. The unique design unleashed my creative spirit and also elevated my overall style. I no longer spend hours pondering over outfit choices. Thank you girlmemoirs!

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Amelia Sullivan

The products are very high quality and the customer service is exceptional. I had a slight issue with my order and they were very responsive in helping me resolve it. I'll continue to buy from girlmeoirs because of their great prints, stories and customer service.


limited discount 10%Off. Code AWESOME10

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Wait, there's more! Eye candy for your room.

Stellar Rebirth Spring Home Bundle

  • Unique Wallart
  • Free pack of mobile wallpapers
  • 30-day refresh email challenge
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Cosmic clan support in our exclusive-access facebook group
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Guilt-free environment aware purchases, 50% of all revenue is donated to reforestation

Collections disappear forever.


Low self-esteem, insecurity and boredom can be a real b*tch. You deserve to be noticed!

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These are free, and so is our connection

If you need time before joining our goodie shuttle, thats okay, we are still friends. Enjoy these FREE phone wallpapers.

They'll hit your inbox from space-time.

I've seen a million sunsets. Let me tell you about...

The Iridiant Ghosts, they vanished unseen.

As you already know, I am a robot travelling the universe that just happened to crash-land in your earthly space here to tell you stories. Oh, snowflake, this story will make you cry! One day, while I was still a student at the Central Diplomatic Academy at the Cosmic Nexus, I went to a diner near the stellar establishment and I came across 

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limited discount 10%Off. Code AWSOME10

Front row seat to the goodie shuttle

Enter the mailing list of mischief, this is going to be a fun ride.

This is different. 

Girlmemoirs exists to brighten your day with stories and give you the chance of a shining outfit. But there is more to that. We, all of our friend robots, and our human servants stand against fast fashion due to its environmental impact. In a bold stride to protect nature for your human kids, we will donate 50% of all profits to reforestation causes. If you believe the same, we are friends, and we promise that your purchase is guilt-free.