memoir 4. What happened to the Aurics

memoir 4. What happened to the Aurics

One time, as I was cruising the vast nebula, I had to make an abrupt halt to restart the Stellarsynth crystals on the propulsion system of my archaic cosmic shuttle, and it just so happened that it was near a very peculiar planet that I remember to this day, Zephyria. My interim stop at Zephyria was so serendipitous and memorable, that my innermost chest device starts beeping rapidly as I begin to tell you that story…

…In the distant corners of the universe, on an isolated and enigmatic planet, I met the most exquisite race while I was travelling with my shuttle across the realms. The creatures living on Zephyria were so magical, it was almost unreal.

Long ago, the native population of Zephyria, the ancestors of them all, the Aurics discovered a mystical artifact called the Chrono Metal, hidden deep within the heart of their planet. This raw metal ore possessed the power to manipulate time itself, but it was deadly unstable. So many ancestors of theirs suffered the consequences of the volatile ore, as it was sometimes bursting in pieces, or other times just flaming up. Their faces suffered the most, as they were staring so closely in the ore that when it burned, it burned their paper-soft skin, their eyes and eyelashes, and everything suddenly fell into pain and despair at every unsuccessful trial to tame the Chrono Metal. One day, one of the biggest chunks of ore splintered and shattered across the cosmos and it scattered and hurled millions of tiny Chrono particles in space, reaching the most distant and isolated corners of the universe. The trouble didn’t end there. The splinters caused a temporal anomaly in a vast radius around each particle. This is when the Aurics finally realized the potential of the Chrono Ore and they realized the stakes were so much higher, and that they had to tame it sooner rather than later.

Centuries after the Great Chrono Splinter, as they relentlessly and tirelessly worked, starting early at Nova rise, until the nebula set behind the belt, with pure curiosity, love and understanding, their patience got rewarded. They tamed the Chrono Metal.

And everything began…

With their deep pursuit of knowledge and progress, the Aurics started putting the capabilities of the Chrono metal to a test. In that process they had to delegate one Auric volunteer to every location where a fragment was causing a temporal time, to counteract its impact.

By that time, and after a history of having their faces hurt and disfigured by the sudden bursts, they developed their characteristic golden masks, derived from the very same ore, but adapted for protection and most importantly for physically making use of its power, by blending it with their bodies and thus having all the health benefits, including the most potent telepathy known in the universe, employing and transcending both time and space. Their Golden Masks were extremely unique artifacts for everyone that held a sliver of the Chrono Crystal's power and granted their wearers extraordinary abilities. No mask was like any other, and this was part of their beauty. With their powerful telepathy skills, their kindness, curiosity, and a sense of guardianship for the temporal existence of the universe, they lived in a collective consciousness that transcended individuality.

This unity, however, came at a cost – an eternal struggle against a malevolent force known as the Temporal Shadows, the manifestations of the chaotic energy released during the Aurics’ ill-fated Great Chrono Splinter. These shadows sought to corrupt the Chrono Crystal fragments and spread chaos throughout the universal fabric. The Temporal Shadows were not sentient beings with individual motives; rather, they were manifestations of the disruptive energy released during the crisis. The Shadows would appear as dark, ethereal holes, disrupting the gravity, lurking on the fringes of the ore splinters, just like the instances of antimatter playfully appearing here and there like an antidote of the cosmic order, the contrary force that occurs with every anomaly in the vast universe.

The Aurics, bound by their golden masks, took it upon themselves to protect the fragments and restore temporal balance. It became a perpetual battle between order and chaos, where the Aurics’ fought not only for their own survival but also to protect the very essence of time itself.

The Shadows, being formless and unpredictable, would attempt to manipulate the temporal energies surrounding the Chrono Crystal fragments. Their influence could disrupt the delicate balance that the Aurics worked tirelessly to uphold. The fine balance between the guardians of time and the Temporal Shadows created an enormous tension and urgency, making every moment a crucial chapter in the ongoing struggle for equilibrium.

But there was something even more peculiar about the Aurics, as I noticed from my brief layover on their planet. They were so acutely aware of the delicate balance between the volatility of the metal and their existence that they even adopted a minimalist yet stylish approach to clothing. The material of their fabrics and style was carefully selected to minimize interference with the Chrono Crystal's energies. Tissues woven from rare cosmic fibres and metallic threads allowed for a harmonious flow of temporal forces. The designs were sleek and elegant, incorporating patterns that resonated with the fundamental principles of time and space. Any excessive ornamentation or intricate patterns risked distorting the temporal energies, leading to unpredictable consequences for both the wearer and the surrounding environment, and so everyone adorned in their sleek and stylish clothing with confidence, and love and warmth was emitted everywhere around them.

Legend had it that one beautiful Nova rise, in the heart of Zephyria, amidst the luminous glow of the Chrono Crystal, there unfolded a poignant drama between two Aurics – Lysandra and Theron.

Lysandra, adorned in her elegant golden mask, was a master of the Chrono Arts. She possessed an innate ability to manipulate time with the sound of resonance achieved by a subtle vibration of a metal thread, a skill that earned her admiration and respect among her peers. Theron, on the other hand, was a skilled engineer and artisan, known for exquisite crafting of time-manipulating devices that complemented the abilities of the Aurics.

As fate would have it, Lysandra and Theron found themselves drawn to each other in the dance of life. Their connection went beyond the collective consciousness, it was a bond that transcended everything, and even time itself. They began collaborating on projects that seamlessly blended Lysandra's mastery of the Chrono Arts with Theron's innovative engineering and it seemed that great things were ahead for them.

However, the cosmic currents were unpredictable, and a crisis struck Zephyria. A surge of temporal energy threatened to destabilize the very fabric of their reality, and the Aurics including Lysandra and Theron, were faced with the monumental task of preventing a catastrophic ripple through time.

In the midst of this turmoil, Lysandra uncovered a dangerous solution – a forbidden Chrono Ritual that could absorb the excess temporal energy but at a great personal cost. She kept this knowledge to herself, fearing the repercussions it might have on the collective consciousness and the delicate balance of the universe.

As the crisis escalated, Theron became increasingly desperate to find a solution. Unaware of Lysandra's discovery, he worked tirelessly on technological innovations to stabilize the Chrono Crystal. The strain on their relationship grew as Lysandra struggled with the burden of her secret and Theron faced the frustration of seemingly insurmountable challenges.

In a climactic confrontation, Lysandra revealed the forbidden ritual to Theron, confessing her intent to sacrifice herself to save Zephyria. Her sacrifice was necessary as the vibration of the thread in the ancient ritual was supposed to continue even after the resonance teared her mask and her inner body’s metal micro-particles, sentencing her to a sudden and painful death. The revelation shattered Theron's world, and a profound dilemma emerged – whether to let Lysandra proceed with the ritual, potentially losing her forever, or to find an alternative solution at the risk of the entire civilization.

The Aurics, while known for their mastery of time and their serious responsibilities, possessed a surprisingly whimsical and innocent love language. As a sentimental and deeply connected race, they had a peculiar tradition known as "Temporal Sparkles." The intricate design of the masks, combined with the inherent properties of the cosmic metal, acted as conduits for the release of energy during moments of intense emotion. When emotions reached a certain threshold, a subtle electric charge would accumulate within the masks, creating the mesmerizing Temporal Sparkles. These glowing sparkles would dance and shimmer around the couple, creating a mesmerizing display of radiant colours. The intensity of the sparkles was unique to each pair, reflecting the depth and nature of their emotional connection and how the metal of their masks was conducive to sparkles. Whenever an Auric was in love and the love was shared, in the tender touches, thoughts and feelings, the sparkles would materialize, casting a luminous glow around them.

These sparkles served as a visible testament to the emotional bonds between the Aurics. They were not only a source of joy and wonder but also a means of communication. The couple could intentionally invoke Temporal Sparkles to convey messages of affection or to express their feelings when words fell short. One particularly quirky aspect of this love language was the unintentional triggering of Temporal Sparkles during moments of embarrassment or awkwardness. For Lysandra and Theron, it became a source of laughter and a reminder that love, even among the guardians of time, could be delightfully unpredictable. Each glance, each subtle shift in colour, told stories of connection, unity, and the delicate balance they maintained with the celestial forces that surrounded them. The golden masks, like silent storytellers, spoke volumes of their love.

Their love and dedication to each other clashed with the responsibility they felt towards their people. The drama unfolded not just in the cosmic energies surrounding them but also in the emotional turmoil within their hearts. How can they possible survive this and save both the civilization and Lysandra. I was desperate to know, but I had to leave their plant, because my journey had a very pressing constraint. I will go back to see what happened, but if you ever experience temporal distortion, be sure that one Auric is somewhere there trying to counteract it. And what happened with Lysandra and Theron, I should go and find out soon...

xoxo, see you soon, my lovely starflake.

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